Ten albums

I suddenly decided to list ten albums that I classify as “stellar”. Don’t take it as a “must listen before you die” list. They are not even my “best” 10 albums. I don’t do that because that would be too predictable. (Sgt.Peppers is everybody’s favorite right?) They are just random 10 great albums to have great time with..

  1. Heritage – Opeth (2011)
    What a great (and dark) progressive rock album. If you are a prog rock fan, you just can’t  miss this one. Beautiful chord progressions enhanced with the angelic voice of Akarfeldt (not demonic in this case). I just can’t have enough of these sound waves emanating from my loudspeakers..
  2. Raven that refused to sing – Steven Wilson (2013)
    Pure poetry, progressive rock at its height with perfect story telling. A sad story of an old man, who is near the end. Beauty embedded in sadness..
  3. Balance – Van Halen (1995)
    A great album with catchy hits. Sammy Hagar’s voice at its height.
  4. Satilik (For Sale) – Yavuz Cetin  (2001)
    Yavuz Cetin, without any national bias or anything, to my mind is one of the greatest blues rock guitarists of all time. This is the lifetime statement  of a guitar hero, and a awesome human being. A farewell to the world. He said: “I do not wanna live in your society, you hypocrites”. in his masterpiece. And he sailed away as he promised. In my opinion one of the greatest blues-rock albums of our times. Pure awesomeness forged in the vast mountains of a hero’s heart..
  5. Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machine (1992)
    This is an album purely about denying the authority, standing up for freedom and justice. I was fortunate enough to hear “Wake up”  on Acik radio 94.9 in 3am of 1st of June 2013, the first day of the public uprisings in Istanbul. What an epic moment, simultenous with the waking up of a nation against the tranny of a dark-age seeking Islamist government. To me, this album can be used as a 101 course to bombastic guitar riffs in every aspect: Guitar tone, attitude, rhythm and of course soul. Morello indeed nailed it.
  6. Tokyo Jukebox 1 & 2 – Marty Friedman  (2009 & 2011)
    I was initially real skeptical towards these albums. Primarily because it is labeled as J-Pop. However, it is nothing that comes near to being monotonic and stale as I expected. It’s horrendously dynamic, and full of sincere guitar playing. Surely lots of orgasmic guitar solos from the master, Marty.
  7. Fuzz Universe – Paul Gilbert –  (2010)
    Gilberto concerto this is! Super fun guitar playing, with ultra dynamic song structures that can keep you awake in 4 am in the morning writing up something urgent.
  8. Ain’t life grand grand – Slash’s snakepit (2000)
    A great album, full of energy, power, big-fat crunchy guitar riffs and of course Slash. In his prime, we hear some great guitar melodies from the living legend. His usage of high pitch passionate solos help to solidify his legendary status.
  9. Too old to Rock’n Roll: Too Young to Die – Jethro Tull  (1976)
    Great concept album. Very easy for a modern day man to relate himself to the protagonist in the story  🙂
  10. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (Part Two) – Dream Theater (2002)
    A great concept album about psychological disorders. Great music, great lyrics. Makes   the listener to obtain a more subtle glance towards the inner turmoils that everyone is vulnerable to, thanks to the sheer beauty of the lyrics and the music. I guess LaBrie’s vocals is one of the key elements of this album.
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